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What to do in dar-es-salaam

What to do in Dar es salaam

What to do in dar-es-salaam

What to do in dar-es-salaam : Dar es Salaam is great busy commercial hub in Tanzania as well as entire East African region. The city is buzzing working place that has a raw energy to unmatched by travelers who like experiencing large metropolis especially in East African region. Having wondered around the city for busy business full day, you may need to have small time of fun but within the city. There are a good number of What to do in dar-es-salaam. The good news is that most of What to do in dar-es-salaam activities in the city are pocket friendly. Your most welcome to big world in every small pocket costs. You may at some point need professional guide or literary do it on your own. There are many things to do in this town which can inspire you, give you a mix of both cultural and historical details of the city. You only need to have your safari gears ready like camera, sun glasses, hut and others. You can use public transport means like tuk tuk to move you around so as to keep your spending low. In one day Dar es Salaam city tour you will be in position to explore the great Dar es Salaam attractions.

Below are some of the What to do in dar-es-salaam things at this city.

   Visit the local markets like Karikoo Market,

Karikoo market is one of the renowned fun local markets in the city. It’s the largest local market in Dar es Salaam city which is open daily that is 7 days a week. The market is ever fully stocked with fresh vegetable items, fruits, spices, grains, clothes, meat and other food staffs like fish, sliver fish and others. The market vendors are always happy and welcoming like calling white people “muzungu”. They can speak fluent English though the vendors are mixed up from different tribes but the most common language is Swahili.

Visit the fish Market.

 Another great destination to visit during your safari trip, its one of the activities you can do. Visiting the fish markets like Kivukoni fish market is an authentic experience. You will have life experience on how the fish is caught, offloaded, measured, cut and how business ladies and men act. Its good to go there early in the morning when the fisher men has just retuned from the waters. You can have an opportunity to taste the fresh fish prepared in local ways within the shores of the ocean. The fish market is located just right by the ferry terminal, it remains one of the best things to do when doing Dar es Salaam city tour.

You also enjoy classic photography at the white sands at the showers of the ocean. You will take photos of the wooded boats that fisher men use when they have landed after carrying fish from the waters. They are paraded along the shores waiting for the get back to the water during the evening hours of the day.

Camping at Mikardi Beach

Mikardi Beach is located in the Southern part of the river. The beach is where the locals from Dar es Salaam always go for partying during their weekends. It’s a good place with local grass thatched houses, camping equipment’s. You are free to move with your own tent if you have and camp at the beach. There are a lot of small bars, restaurants and butchers, joining partying with the locals throughout the day.

Visiting Azania Front Lutheran Church

This church was built by the German Missionaries in 1898, it is one of the best places to enter while in Dar es salaam city.  The church is built on the raised ground few meters away from the coast. The location of the church gives you a good aerial view of the coastal area. The white washed building remains as one of the iconic landmarks in the city. The red tiled roof church has got enough large recreation and scenic gardens that are adjacent to the ocean. You can join their daily fellowship prayers or go on Sunday during their Sunday services with large masses.

 Visiting St Joseph Cathedral

This is another church that was built by the German missionaries at the city. St Joseph cathedral was built in 1897 though its finishing was achieved in 1902. The Gothic-style Roman Catholic Church dominates the harbor. It is unique church with striking features like Shingled spire, stained-glass windows, vaulted interior and others. The cathedral contains more of the original German inscriptions as well as the art work. You can feel the real atmosphere in this church during the Sunday services when the local choir is reverberating.

Have a stop at Askari Monument

The monument which is cast in bronze depicts the Tanzania soldiers (Askari) which fought in the World War I. The monument was put so as to recognize the work of the Tanzanian soldiers who sacrificed themselves. Till now the monument is one of the key attractions that is found at the city. All tourists who come to the city spend some time at this place as it tell more historical facts about the World War. The Askari monument also commemorates the African troops that fought as Carrier Corps during the world war I. The monument has been documented in different books by both local and international writers.

Visit the Botanical gardens

The botanical gardens are the home of the Dar es Salaam Horticultural society. The gardens were established in 1893 by the prominent professor Stuhlmann who was the first director of Agriculture.  The botanical gardens were used as the trial plot for testing the different kinds of plantation tree species as well as crops. The gardens are one of the few gardens in the world where travelers can see the scenic and beautiful coco-de-mer palm tree outside the tree native destination.

Kunduchi Wet “N” Wild Water Park

This is one of the great places, it’s the largest water park not only in Tanzania but entire East and Central Africa. The park is parked with more tourist activities like the colorful pools, paly grounds, water slides and many more. The place is a good recreational destination which should not be missed during your city tour.

Snorkeling and swimming

If you are the fun of swimming, this will be the right place to be while in Tanzania. The city has more islands where you can do aquatic activities like snorkeling and swimming. There are also good white beaches.

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