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MIKUMI RESORT HOTEL Has a garden Shared lounge and bar in Mikumi National Park. The accommodation features room service, a 24-hour front desk and currency exchange for guests. Complete with a private bathroom fitted with a shower and a hairdryer, the rooms at the hotel have a flat-screen TV and air conditioning, and certain rooms have a balcony. All rooms will provide guests with a wardrobe and a kettle. MIKUMI RESORT HOTEL offers a Full English/Irish or vegetarian breakfast. At the accommodation you will find a restaurant serving African, American and Chinese cuisine. A vegetarian option can also be requested.

Available Rooms

$1.00 / night

Standard Double Rooms

Max Guests: 3 persons
$1.00 / night

Deluxe Double Room

Max Guests: 3 persons
In a deluxe room, you will usually find one ...
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Deluxe Family Rooms

Max Guests: 4 persons
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Requires a minimum stay of 2 nights

What activities can I do in and around Mikumi Resort?

The region’s activities and attractions include Udzungwa hikes, waterfalls, flora and fauna, as well as wild game. The lodge is set up as an idyllic, romantic weekend escape and a magnificent family vacation getaway. With 40 en suite rooms, the lodge has been carefully constructed to cause minimal impact on the surrounding Udzungwa forest, which acts as a catchment area for water that is used domestically in the village and for irrigation in the sugarcane plantations.

What is the nearest National Park near Mikumi Resort Hotel?

Mikumi National Park (Nearest to Udzungwa falls lodge)

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is one of Tanzania’s most outstanding, pristine, paradise and unique exciting wilderness mountains forested with greatest altitudinal range of forest. It is one of thirty-four “World Biodiversity Hotspot” and one of 200 WWF Ecoregion of global critical importance.

This lodge  is just 55kms from Mikumi National Park. 

Because of its accessibility Mikumi is one of the most popular National Park in Tanzania .

It is about 300km to the West of Dar es salaam along the Dar-Mbeya highway

The park is also decorated by its superbly scenic plains and baobabs and it is home to various wild animals and birds species.

The park is endowed with spectacular concentration of wildlife which are rarely seen in other parks like magnificent Sable antelope, African hunting dog, blue wildebeest, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest and others.

The gentle foothills and vast miombo woodland savanna in the southern parts of the park are quite spectacular.

Why visit Mikumi National Park from Mikumi resort Hotel?
  • Mikumi houses diverse wildlife, including elephants, lions, wildebeest, hippos, and many more.
  • The park’s landscape is breathtaking, with rolling hills, savannah plains, and stunning waterfalls.
  • It’s a photographer’s paradise, and visitors can take in the views while hiking, biking, or driving through the park.
  • It’s also less crowded than other national parks, so you can enjoy a more peaceful safari experience.
  • Mikumi is one of the more affordable national parks in Tanzania, making it a more budget-friendly option.
Best Time to visit Mikumi National Park
The best time to see Mikumi National Park is during the dry season, from June to October.
The dry season is also an excellent time for game drives because navigating the park is easier.
Moreover, the weather during this time is generally sunny and warm, with fewer chances of rainfall.
During this time, the vegetation is less thick, and wildlife is easier to spot as they gather around water sources.
How to get to Mikumi National park?

How to get to mikumi national park:Many guests may like to explore one of the hot tourist destination found in the Sounth central part of Tanzania but wondering its accessibility. The most commonly asked question is How to get to Mikumi national park? The park can easily be reached in the Coastal area from Dar es Salaam. Almost all the Mikumi national park safaris start from the busy former capital city Dar es Salaam. You can land to Tanzania through Julius Nyerere International Airport found in Dar es salaam. If you have arranged or booked full safari package with a tour operator, the driver guide will meet you at the airport.

Mikumi National Park used to be hardly accessed till the A-7 highway was constructed that connects the coastal town with the South central part of Tanzania and other South African countries. From the time this highway was completed, it has made it easy for travelers to access the park. The highway passes through the middle of the park just next to the park gates hence making travelers even to use public transport to access the park. There are several buses that operate daily from Dar es Salaam to Mikumi town and beyond. The highway has completely opened the gates of the park to the entire world. The park now can be visited any time of the year due to the good road network.

When getting to the park from Dar es Salaam it takes between 4 to 5 hours drive along the scenic mountains of the area through great nice tarmacked road. The small distance has made it one of the weekend hot spots for the short days or day trips by the travelers. The park has also been regarded as a gate route to the African largest national reserve that is Selous Game reserve. You can pass through Mikumi national park. You can have a day break so as to cut long drives directly from Dar es Salaam to Selous game reserve. Spending one night at this park is more rewarding with beautiful game drives that exposes you to the rare species of Antelopes that are found in the park.  If used the flight to access Selous game reserve you can pass by Mikumi national park on your way back to the city.

Are you still wondering about How to get to Mikumi national park? This should be no more with our full edition on this article which highlights details ways to access the park. It has been credited as a weekend gate way for relaxing and refreshing the mind after long busy week at the center of the city.

You can also get to the park if you’re in the Southern part of Central Tanzania to any of the national parks in the Area. For example if you started your Tanzania safari from Ruaha national park and want to extend it to Mikumi national park you can still access the park from its Southern gate.

Below are the three ways of How to get to Mikumi national park

By road

Mikumi national park can be accessed by direct highway that starts from Dar es Salaam through Mikumi national park to South Africa. The drive takes from 4 to 5 hours if using private means and if using public means it may go beyond that due to the frequent stops by buses in most of the small towns along the way. The drive is more scenic and unjoyful especially if using the prvate means where you have chance to stop at the key tourist destinations. You will have clear view of the Udzungwa Mountains along the way. The highway divided the park in two parts the Northern part which is famous for its accessibility especially for the game drives along the Mkata Fllod plains where game drives are done. The park is just few kilometers away from Mikumi town or their largest town Morogoro town.

By train

Another way of getting to Mikumi national park is by use of the train. The train passes through the interior of the national park and other bush remote parts of the country. The train with its speed makes it one of the best way to explore the region since its slow allowing you more time for viewing the surrounding especially if sited on the window sides.  There is a train that operates daily from Dar es Salaam to the Zambia in South of Africa.

By air or flight

There are no direct flights that fly to Mikumi national park but you can use available option of the flights to Iringa airport then the driver will pick you up. Taking a flight to the neighboring Ruaha national park or Selous is another available option. This has made it possible to kill two birds using one stone. Land in one park have brief stop for a night or only game drives then continue to Mikumi national park.

Enjoy one of the most gifted national parks in Tanzania in only 2 days safaris. Spare a weekend and get out from the stress of the town and get fresh air from the wilderness of Africa. Exploring the park is very easy either as an individual or plan fully booked safari package. If you have been doubting of on How to get to Mikumi national park, doubt no more just go a head and achieve your dream safari.

Accessing the park from the southern part in the neighboring game reserves is best and only advisable during the dry season. If it’s the rainy season from use the main highway directly from the city. The Southern part of the park has poor terrain and not used for game drives since it has no game viewing tracks found due to its dense vegetation cover. All the game drives are done in the North of the park.

What are the attractions in Mikumi National Park?


Nicknamed as little Serengeti national park is Mikumi national park, its rich with a wide range of wildlife. The park hosts large number of the big game that covers four members of African bi five only missing Rhinos. Mikumi is a home of large herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Zebras, wildebeest, hyenas, Leopards, Lions, Sable Antelopes, Great Kudu, and many more. The chances of seeing tree climbing lions in Mikumi national park are higher than in the famous tree climbing lions home that is Lake Manyara national park.

Bird Species

.Birds is one of the key Attractions in Mikumi national park, the park has over 400 bird species with both permanent habitats and migratory birds. This large number of birds has made the park one of the birding destinations in the Southern part of Tanzania. The long lists of birds can be achieved with patient Mikumi national park safaris that last beyond 3 days. However much the size of the park is not all that very big but the diversity of the ecosystem and the vegetation has attracted different bird species. The most sighted birds are: Black billied bustard, Secretary bird, Guinea fowl, Ox peckers, Bateleur eagles, cattle egret.


Mikumi national park is situated in the middle of mountains hence making mountains some of the key Attractions in Mikumi national park. The scenic views of the mountains that have unique formation system attracts more guests especially writers, photographers and researchers to the park. The most common and famous mountains are Uluguru mountains that every guests wants to try to hike during their safari to Mikumi national park. Other mountains around the park include: Udzugwa Mountains, Malundwe Mountains which is the largest and the highest mountain. Its found in the center of the national park connecting Uluguru mountains with Udzungwa mountains and Uvidunda.  Malundwe Mountains is consist of three peaks with the highest peak found on the Southern part reaching up to 1290 meters.

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Mikumi resort is a nice place for overstaying the nights. The rooms and the place are nice, very clean and relaxed. The manager and the staff are very friendly and they welcome you with a lot of energy and a welcome drink! Also you can eat at resort and the food is good, and with a lot of taste. The place of the resort is nearby the park and to the small city. Choose Mikumi Resort and you have a nice stay!

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