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Popular Hotels in Mikumi National Park

Popular Hotels in Mikumi National ParkBudget Hotels in Mikumi | Luxury Hotels in Mikumi | Tented Camps in Mikumi National Park

Mikumi national park lodges: One of Tanzania’s national parks that is still underdeveloped and has few lodging options is Mikumi National Park. Lodges for the Mikumi National Park can be found in Mikumi town and a few other nearby protected places.  Within the park, there are two lodges, three tented camps, and three public campsites. Mikumi National Park lodges, like all other protected areas in Tanzania, are divided into three categories: luxury lodges, mid-range lodges, and budget lodges. Although there are a few lodges inside the park, the majority are outside.

The primary goals of classifying the park lodges were to enhance service and raise lodge standards to those seen around the globe. From one-star accommodations to five-star accommodations, the ranking is done in the form of stars. Budget-friendly one-star lodges are the simple lodges that are frequently called tented campers; The mid-range lodges, which range from 2 to 3 stars, are made up of permanent lodges and safari tents. Budget lodges and mid-range lodges differ mostly in the size of the rooms, amenities offered, and level of service provided.

Most mid-range tents or lodges include self-contained rooms with both hot and cold showers. Private, well-kept restrooms that are sparkling clean are usually found inside parks. The 4–5-star lodges, also referred to as high-end or luxury lodges, make up the final category. For the guests, this offers a pleasant choice for dinner. They are designed for an international audience and are primarily owned by large multinational corporations


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