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Mikumi Safari Car Rental

Mikumi Morogoro Safari Vehicle  |  Morogoro to Selous – Nyerere National Park  |  Morogoro to Ruaha National Park  | 4×4 Safari Vehicle

We offer reliable Tanzania car hire and rental services in Morogoro and all over Tanzania, using a range of Safari vehicles for hire with Driver Guides at competitive rates. Vehicles include 4WD Safari Tour Vans and 4×4 Landcruisers, ideal for Tourist safaris and gamedrives in national parks such as Mikumi National Park, Selous (Nyerere) National Park and Ruaha National Park. We also provide car and driver service in Morogoro and Dar-es-salaam. It is safe to rent a car in Tanzania especially with a local Driver-Guide who is used to the challenging roads and driving conditions. We often also get asked which side of the road we drive in Tanzania – the answer is on the left (like in the United Kingdom, Australia, India or Kenya) so the vehicles are as such “Right Hand Drive”.

Mikumi Morogoro Car Hire With Driver / Chauffeur


  • Experienced Professional Safari Tour Driver-Guides at your service
  • Collect and Drop Off at Different Locations
  • 4 X 4 Vehicle Rental available
  • Courteous, Safe & Expert Drivers
  • Airport Transfer Service in Arusha & at Kilimanjaro Airport
  • Professionally maintained Vehicles
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How to get to Mikumi National Park

Hire a 7 Seater Safari Vehicle

The 4 x 4 Toyota Landcruiser Safari vehicle is one of Tanzania’s best options for a Safari and the most popular infact, offering improved comfort and better versatility than tour vans and allowing tourists to access parks such as Selous, Mikumi & Ruaha which have challenging road conditions or as is the case nowadays, may only allow 4 by 4 vehicles within their wildlife areas. 

This vehicle comes fitted with UHF Radio Call, game viewing hatches and additonal safari customization such as cooler boxes to carry drinks. This 4wd vehicle is not available for rental on self drive and the rate includes the provision of a qualified, expert Driver-Guide.

Mikumi National Park Mini Guide

Mikumi national park is Tanzania’s fourth-biggest national park. It’s additionally the most open from Dar es Salaam. With confirmed wild life sightings, it makes a perfect safari goal for those who are busy and have less time to travel, two days or more can get you an opportunity to explore the splendor of mikumi national park.

Since  the formation of a highway connecting mikumi national park  to  Dar es Salaam tanzanias busiests and largest city , Mikumi National Park has been slated to  to be a major a hotspot for the travel industry in Tanzania. Situated between the Uluguru Mountains and the Lumango go, Mikumi is the fourth biggest national park in Tanzania and just a couple of hours drive from Tanzania’s biggest city. 

The park center has a wide assortment of natural life that can be simple spotted and furthermore very much suitable to viewing in a game drive. Its vicinity to Dar es Salaam and the measure of wildlife that live inside its fringes makes Mikumi National Park a well-known choice  for those travelers who don’t have much time but also want
to enjoy  a wildlife safari to mikumi national park.

Best Things to do in Mikumi

Best time to visit Morogoro


The Uluguru Mountains is not just a scenic place to explore but offers the travellers a lush green trail to hike around the region. The ancient forests and the rich diversity of flora and fauna make the place perfect to enjoy the natures walk.

Best things to do in Morogoro

Wildlife Safari Tours

Safari at the nearest Game reserve is one of the most popular things to do in Morogoro. Morogoro lies close to the two best game reserve of Tanzanian, the Selous Game reserve and the Mikumi Game reserve. Get a one or two-day safari tour during the Morogoro visits and explores the abundance of wild dwelling near the region.

Best things to do in Morogoro

Cultural Tourism Program

Visit the Chilunga Cultural Tourism Program that takes you on a day tour to the villages and the indigenous cultural region of Morogoro. The activity offered there starts from hiking to an overnight excursion of the city and jewellery making etc.

Mikumi National Park FAQ's

Mikumi National Park; Has The Potential To Turn Every Traveler Into A Bird Lover…

Mikumi National Park covers 3,230 km² and the 4th largest national park in the country. Sharing a border with Nayere National Park, the national park creates a unique ecosystem. While going to Mikumi, you will get to drive through scenic views with hills shadowing on the side of the road. Mikumi National Park, the largest Tanzania Destinations has the potential to provide every traveller a real bliss.

You can spot some animals even before you enter the national park on the way nearer to the national park. Just think about driving past by a group of baboons or some antelopes just run beside your vehicle.Explore Mikumi National Park holidays and discover the Best Time For Safari In Tanzania and places to visit & it should be included on Tanzania Safari Tours experience.

Going to Mikumi National Park? Compare Tanzania Safari Cost and reviews for Mikumi National Park in Tanzania. So contact us now for any queries regarding Tanzania Safari Tours or book your safari packages with Lifetime Safaris today!

USD $20 per adult and USD $10 per party at Udzungwa for the daily guide fee. 

Visitors can expect to find tree climbing lions, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, elands, greater Kudu, wildebeest, roan and sable antelope, buffalo, Burchell’s zebra, sable, eland, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, spotted hyena and baboons. 

Mikumi NP offers a variety of accommodation options including lodges. 


Lodges at Arusha NP for visitors to choose from include: 

  • Vuma Hills
  • Mikumi adventure lodge
  • Tan-Swiss lodge
  • Mikumi safari lodge

Newlyweds may also indulge on a Tanzania honeymoon safari or a luxury safari where they’ll receive a lot of extra pampering and top notch service, ensuring they feel all the love on a Tanzania safari.


Safari camps at Mikumi NP for visitors to choose from include: 

  • Vuma Hills tented Camp


2 camping areas are available, 1 public and 1 private. The campsites in the public sector are named 1, 3 and 5 and are located in Vuma Hills and Mkata Plains with bathrooms and toilets available. The private campsite in the Vuma area is known as Campsite 4. 


Lodges will typically have all meals and drinks included in the lodge package. 

Entrance fee

Prices per day:

  • USD $20 per adult to enter  
  • USD $10 per party at Udzungwa mountains for the daily guide fee. An armed ranger is required for longer hikes, costing $20 per party.

Carrying a small amount of Tanzanian currency, the Tanzania Shilling (TZS) is recommended as back-up when paying for items where credit card facilities are unavailable. Visitors can also review further details on overall Tanzania safari prices here. 


Visitors must respect the rules of the park including the flora and fauna. Details will be provided at the park entrance gate.

By Flight 

Safaris to Mikumi usually start from Tanzania’s east coast city and are popular with visitors from South Africa. From there, Mikumi NP is a 4 hour drive. 

International flights into the country arrive into Dar es Salaam (DAR) airport for visitors wondering how to get to Tanzania. DAR airport is located 18km south of Dar Es Salaam and a Tanzania visa and certain vaccinations may be required to enter the country.

By Road

Ruaha is 200 miles away by road and the drive will take almost 5 hours.

Don’t underestimate how tough Kilimanjaro is. Too many people do, and don’t make it to the top!

Depending on your current fitness, we suggest that you start your physical training at least two or three months prior to the climb. Please read How should I train for Kilimanjaro? to learn more.

Remember, the fitter you are, the more enjoyable the whole experience will be for you.


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