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Attractions in Mikumi National Park

Attractions in Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is one of the largest national parks in the Republic of Tanzanialocated in the southern region of the country. Established in 1964, the park is Tanzania’s fourth largest national park covering 3,230 square kilometers (1,250 square miles).    Mikumi National Park sits in an area of impeccable biodiversity: the park borders Tanzania’s …

Activities in Mikumi National Park

Activities at Mikumi national park. Mikumi has over time progressed to be a wildlife safari destination filled with amazing activities. And to its proximity to Tanzania largest city (Dar-es-salaam), it has increased traffic of travelers who clearly are interested on weekend gateways, short safaris usually suitable for those   with limited time. Some of the common activates at the …

What to do in dar-es-salaam

What to do in Dar es salaam

What to do in dar-es-salaam What to do in dar-es-salaam : Dar es Salaam is great busy commercial hub in Tanzania as well as entire East African region. The city is buzzing working place that has a raw energy to unmatched by travelers who like experiencing large metropolis especially in East African region. Having wondered around the city …

2 day safari to mikumi from dar es salaam

10 Must visit Places in Morogoro

Lying at the base of the magnificent Uluguru Mountains, the Morogoro region is the agricultural land of Tanzania. The region supports the vegetation of Tobacco along with the complete processing before transported to market areas. Along with agriculture, the city is known for the educational centers and the hospitals promoting the missionary believe. Taking about …

5 Delicious Morogoro Foods

Tanzania is a country that offers many gems for travellers – the majestic Mt Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and the pristine beaches of Zanzibar to name a few. But what many travellers often overlook on a trip through Tanzania is the food. Simple, filling and flavourful, what it fails to offer in flash, it will more than …


THE BEST Things to Do in Mikumi

Sharing a common border and ecosystem with Selous Game Reserve to the south, Mikumi National Park is only three to four hours drive from Dar es Salaam, lying astride the main highway to Zambia, and en route to the National Parks of Udzungwa Mountains, Ruaha and Kitulo. The main feature of the park is the …


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