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Best time to visit Morogoro

Best time to Visit Morogoro | Best time for  Mikumi Bird Watching | Best time for Mikumi Wildlife Viewing 

Lying at the base of the magnificent Uluguru Mountains, the Morogoro region is the agricultural land of Tanzania. The region supports the vegetation of Tobacco along with the complete processing before transported to market areas. Along with agriculture, the city is known for the educational centers and the hospitals promoting the missionary believe. 

Taking about the tourism in Morogoro, the mountains play an essential role in attracting the tourist to the region. The forest area and the birdlife and the flora and fauna aids to the tourism making the city suitable for adventure and leisure. Being close to the Uluguru Mountains, hiking and camping is most enthralling task for the tourist, visiting the city of Tanzania. 

The cultural tours are known worldwide enhancing the tourist footfall each year. If not much to do, the short distance from the lively city of Dar es Salaam and makes Morogoro popular among the travelers. The old German architecture missionary groups define the lifestyle and the culture, the city follows. Surely Morogoro won’t ever disappoint you with the fame and attraction it holds. 

Best time to Visit Morogoro

The best time to visit Morogoro is from June to August. The city experiences a warm climate throughout with little rainfall at a specific point of the year but these months experience little with pleasant weather. The month of February records the highest temperature while May the lowest. The rest of the season is dry with no rainfall and warm temperature.

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