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Best Beaches in Tanzania

Best Beaches in Tanzania

Tourists usually talk about Tanzania and East Africa in the same conversation as safaris, wildlife, and rugged terrain. You may not have heard many people speak of serenity and peace. Many people still find it surprising when they come to know that Tanzania has some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. This ultimate guide to the best beaches in Tanzania will open your eyes to some of Tanzania’s many unique destinations.

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi Beach is probably Tanzania’s most beautiful beach. It is located on the magical island of Zanzibar and is well-known for its pristine waters, white sandy beaches, and energetic vibe. It is also one of the most visited beaches in the region, so do not expect to spend much time relaxing. Instead, you will come here to enjoy the party-like atmosphere and participate in the many watersports activities, including parasailing and jet skiing. You can also dive or snorkel to explore the beautiful coral reef.

Kendwa Beach

Kendwa Beach is the best way to get away from the bustling crowds at the beach. This is a lesser traveled destination by tourists even though it is mesmerizingly beautiful. It is also located in Zanzibar. You can spend your time here soaking in the sun, taking in the sound of the crashing tides, enjoying the serenity, and relaxing on the beach. Beautiful palm trees and fancy resorts also surround the beach.

Kendwa Beach is also famous for the Kendwa Full Moon Party, which drastically changes the vibe of the beach for a night of dancing, drinking, good food, and socializing with other tourists and locals.

Kiwengwa Beach

Kiwengwa Beach is yet another majestical beach in Zanzibar, best for spending time with your family. The water is much shallower at this beach and is perfect for swimming for kids and adults. The beach also has a much quieter and family-like environment compared to the other beaches in Tanzania.

Paje Beach

It seems all the scenic beaches are in Zanzibar because this next one is also located towards the uncommercial side of the island. Paje Beach is a great place to escape the crowds and enjoy peaceful strolls. It is a romantic getaway for couples and the perfect place for solo travelers to kick back and relax. Paje Beach also has a different vibe than the more popular beaches because you will get to experience and see more locals at the beach, including the women working to extract seaweed from the beach.

Ushongo Beach

Ushongo Beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in Tanzania. The stunning scenic beach is located near a fishing village near the country’s northern coast. It is a great place to relax on the beach while enjoying the views of the pristine waters. You can also explore the captivating coral reefs by going on a snorkeling or diving expedition.

Tanzania has many exotic locations, beaches, wildlife, and sceneries to explore. You can get lost in Tanzania and still have the time of your life. However, to ensure you do not get lost (for safety reasons), you can read our Tanzania Travel Guide to plan your perfect vacation.

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