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Activities in Mikumi National Park

Activities at Mikumi national park. Mikumi has over time progressed to be a wildlife safari destination filled with amazing activities. And to its proximity to Tanzania largest city (Dar-es-salaam), it has increased traffic of travelers who clearly are interested on weekend gateways, short safaris usually suitable for those   with limited time.

Some of the common activates at the park include.

Game drives.

For typical African wilderness safari, it’s not considered a safari if one doesn’t conduct a game drive as  safari activities. The game drives at Mikumi national park offer the travelers an opportunity to explore and see the wildlife in their natural habitat/ setting, some of the prominent features to seek after in the game drive include the artificial hippo pools filled huge school of hippos    swimming. The hippos pool as from time to time collect several herds of wildlife to mention giraffes,  elephants, elands, zebras, hippos and many more.  With the game drive, you will also encounter pride of lions and if you are lucky you could meet them on a hunt making kills.

Birding  at the park.

On surveys conducted, especially the most recent one, the number of bird species at Mikumi national park is projected to approximately 500 bird species. The species ranging from migratory birds, savanna birds, water birds and many more. Some of the local Zanzibar red bishop, yellow throated long claw, lilac breasted roller, bateleurs eagle and open billed stork among the rest.

birding at mikumi national park


Mikumi national park boasts of spectacular views, terrains and site deeming it   an acentric wilderness arena for having the best of picnics, some of the thing to do in the picnics include has meals, games and many more.


Mikumi national park has got two camping sites/grounds, offering public camping and private   camping respectively. Both camping sites offer the same experience of camping irrespective of the difference in managements. The camping sites remain open all year round but the best time to camp is the dry season between the months of June and November. The private campsite is in vuma hills also known as campsite 5 while the public campsite is at Nkata plains also known as campsite 1,3.

Camping at Mikumi national park

Nature  Walks

Nature is another way of getting acquainted with your environment, as it enables you see what your surrounding is composed mainly is in terms of features, wildlife and other  environment details.

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